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Shadowfire Press (Release date currently May 20)

May 20th, 2011

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02:48 pm - Revenge Of The Serpent Priestess

Is live!

Turak was a solitary wanderer by choice, losing track of those he loved so that they could live forever in his heart. Gazriel loved no-one, feeling safer in isolation. Now together, tentative in any sense of commitment as they enjoy each other's bodies, they try to evade their common powerful enemies, find a comfortable sort of life together, and possibly get wealthy.

Their enemies, women powerful in their own kind of magic, have other plans, prying into both men's weaknesses to force them into a quest. Traveling south into dark jungle and mysterious ruins, they must rely on each other's strengths to survive it.

About 35,000 words; $5.00.  Happy reading!
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