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Shadowfire Press (Release date currently May 20)

April 14th, 2011

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01:47 pm - Back from the Mystery Abyss

Well.  It's been less than a year since my last post and I'm oddly proud of that.

The Boys have a tentative release date of May 20 for their second book, Revenge of the Serpent Priestess.  Those who were waiting in eager anticipation may thank my publisher Michael for agreeing to my request for a firm deadline, which I only missed by a week.  Deadlines are strangely helpful.  That man I live with has offered the helpful advice that "It's not a barbarian novel unless shit's cerulean.  Well, not literal shit -- then you have a problem."  Nothing is cerulean yet, but there's still a whole editing process to go.

And if one of you spots the word "cerulean" in the second book, then you get to add a character to the third.

Meanwhile, I'm toying with a plotbunny that hopped up while Turak and Gazriel were working their way into, and then back out of, a ruined city.  I'm merrily ruining the city and deciding how much of my main family will live or die.  D6 anyone?  I know the father and eldest son do, but the other four children and the mother are all still undecided.  I could plausibly save the lot; I could plausibly kill the lot, though it's a little harder.  If I'm not careful, I'll be following the eldest son and his currently purely theoretical descendants all the way to heaven knows where -- or rather, to Gazriel, who had never struck me as being all that in need of backstory.

Anyway, hello to all the new friends (as on Twitter, I seem to get more when I don't say anything for long stretches!) and hello again to all the familiar ones.  I'll try to be back a bit more often, between family obligations, garden obligations, and *gasp* actual writing.

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